As a child of the 70s, I was enchanted by a local midwestern classic tv show, “Betty Lou And The Magic Window.”  The program was my gateway into the captivating world of arts and crafts. Later in my school years, I found refuge in the art room under the guidance of an inspiring teacher. I took my passion on to study at Arizona State University as an art major, emphasis in painting.
After college, I worked as a designer creating artwork that went onto paper party products & kitchen textiles.  I was also a product designer for Disney in Los Angeles and freelance designer for Jeffrey Fabrics of New York.  My designs were on various products sold in Target, Walmart, Kmart & Kohl’s, where they reached a wider audience and became top sellers.
Today, I am mixing the worlds of commercial design and fine art.  If my work can evoke a sense of joy & bring some fun into your life, then we might share a kindred spirit.
Thanks for looking.